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PENLEE LIFEBOAT DISASTER -Solomon Browne Saturday, 19th December 1981, around 9pm
Trevelyan Richards, coxswain of the 'Solomon Browne', radioed, "Penlee Lifeboat to Falmouth Coastguard, we've taken four off image for more.

Penlee lifeboat disaster

Our Book Club
’What Makes your Book Club Special’ my immediate reaction was, ‘Great, that will give me something to think about on a wet, winter’s morning in Cornwall’ image for more.


Covid 19 - A personal chronicle
The world has changed. It's so quiet. Few sounds interrupt my day: the occasional chug of a fishing boat engine leaving the harbour on the rising image for more.


A village out of the holiday season~
is not as quiet as it seems. Just because the car parks have spaces, a few dogs and their owners walk along the empty image for more.

Weather in Cornwall

It doesn't snow down here...
I really can't think of a more perfect way of describing Cornwall in the snow. It's magical. A dreamlike, white silence image for more.

coverack snow

Cornish fog is a capricious entity.
It descends and disappears without warning. One minute the sky is crystalline and then fog swathes and surrounds the landscape on the turn of the image for more.


Brenda Wootton and the French recordings
It's an enduring tribute to her that there remain loyal devotees with affectionate memories of her unique voice and charismatic image for more.

Brenda Wootton

I'm besotted with a golden-eyed, bundle of soft, brown puppy
...called Sunny! For those that may have read my previous article about losing our spaniel, Woody, you will understand the significance of this little image for more.

A new puppy

A Gardeners World.
The garden has been my 'world' this summer. I've had to view it as an outsider, without lifting a spade or hoe as I've been confined through knee surgery image for more.

Wysteria from

Village revolts against Super-Quarry
Residents from the peaceful village of St. Keverne, on the Lizard, are 'up in arms' over the prospect of plans to blast rock from the re-opening an old image for more.


Hopes for a peaceful new year 2015
The seconds of 2014 ticked away and we raised a glass to the finale of what hadn't been a particularly good year. Not awful; just pitted with sadness and regret. image for more.

A new yea

The Sense of Christmas
There is no other time of year when our senses are stimulated more than at Christmas. There's a physical, sensory response, triggered, if you're image for more.

village harbour lights

Some thoughts on Autumn
I hate November! I've been scratching my head thinking of something to write about Cornwall in autumn and hitting a brick wall of non-creative image for more.


The Village Horticultural Show
This summer, our village celebrated the 60th Horticultural Show and it gave me an opportunity to root into the families and traditions that linger on today. image for more.

Horticultural Show

One Dog and his Family
For the first time in more than forty years I've not shared my life with a dog. My beloved spaniel, Woody, has been 'put to sleep' and I'm image for more.


Under the Radar
A top-secret radar station, instrumental in detecting an imminent Luftwaffe raid isn't something naturally connected with living in image for more.

Cornish underground bunker

The Winter Storms
For the record, I'm compelled to write about the 'Big Storms' we are experiencing. The weather is a component to living in image for more.

winter storms

Tricks and Treats
Three little witches, two blonde and one ginger, clutching baskets with cobweb-lace mittened hands, their faces twinkling with glitter moons and image for more.

Summertime blues

"My favourite day of the year"
Our local village Horticultural Show, I'm passionate about anything to do with gardening - my garden is part of who I am. Just as I've inherited my mother's genes in ways I'm not inclined to image for more.

CorVillage Horticultural Show

Music down on the farm
Enterprising individuals are making things happen with some British and international stars hitting the right notes in the creekside village of Mylor. image for more.

Larry Carlton

Where's the darling buds of May?
Why have the weathermen decided that summer has arrived just because the clocks were put forward an hour? image for more.

Were's May?

Cornwall Channel TV
I have discovered something new - The CORNWALL CHANNEL, The place for instant information about news and events through the power of image for more.

Cornwall Channel TV

Here's to 2013
Since I've been writing this website, I've had many replies asking about Living in Cornwall, so for 2013 I'm putting the facility to make comments on the site image for more.


Helston's being 'Branded'
Over recent months, the little market town of Helston is attempting a makeover. This includes a logo which is intended to represent the image of the image for more.

helston logo

My award from the Gorsedh Kernow
In August this year I was honoured to be given an award from the Gorsedh organisation dedicated to the preservation of Cornwall's heritage image for more.

At Cornish Gorseth

Snakes and Adders
My dog 'Woody' had a nasty bite from an Adder, so I'm writing this with the dual purpose of being cathartic, for me, and passing on image for more.


Losing their religion?
I think scientific evidence is the way to find the truth. When it comes to religion, there's no evidence that God exists, faith and belief doesn't make it image for more.


Looking for old friends
In our search for an old school friend we travelled from west London to the west coast of the USA and found direct connections with new ones image for more.

Looking for friend

Make 2012 the year to book a holiday in Cornwall
We know people leave it later and later to book their summer holidays, but this is the year to get away from the cities so don't leave it too late image for more.

Book your holiday

Autumn leaves and Cornwall starts a new year
The dregs of the year drag through the mud and mizzle, but hold on... I hate autumn and I'm not going to write about it! image for more.

december 2011

Cornwall Air ambulance, how it started
Cornwall Air Ambulance. The very first air ambulance in the U.K. How it started and a brief history of the early years by the man who's idea it was image for more.

Cornwall air Ambulance

Coming back to Cornwall from a very neat Suffolk break
We haven't entirely been living in Cornwall recently, but holidaying in Suffolk with my little sister and her image for more.

Suffolk poppies

Cornwall comunications ...a parallel universe?
Some parts of Cornwall have no mobile phone signal and broadband is invariably slow in outlying towns and villages, BT promises fast broadband by 2014 image for more.

undersea cable

Cornish miners migrated to the US during the Gold Rush.
Nicknamed Cousin Jacks and Jennies, descendants celebrate their heritage and culture with The Cornish American Heritage Society and Californian Cousins image for more.

april 2011

Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station...back to the future?
Goonhilly Downs may be the location for space scientists to boldly go and penetrate the dark heart of the solar system. image for more.

february 2010

Summertime Blues
That's it. Another summer is fading. The sun is warm and there are plenty of visitors are enjoying the last week of the image for more.

february 2010

RNLI - Are the 'Suits' strangling the Pictures of our Open Gardens Day
My views on the way that shortsighted Corporate rules seem to be getting into even our most loved charities such as the RLNI image for more.

february 2010

Stories about the song 'Trelawny' and the Lizard Relay for Life
a group of local people have given weeks of their time to organise a 24 hour Relay For Life to raise funds for Cancer Research image for more

                                        for life

Spain and Wisteria
We've been on holiday! Brilliant, cheap fights Newquay To Alicante, but there's no place like home, flowers, birdsong and happy memories image for more.

february 2010

Exclusive- Brenda Wootton unheard Paris concert recordings discovered
Professional recordings of the Brenda Wootton Concerts at the Bobino theatre in Paris have been discovered and a special souvenir CD produced image for more

                                        Wootton Paris concert

In Cornwall - charity often has to begin at home
Many charities are actually 'home grown', with huge amounts being raised to set up and support patients and families who are affected by image for more.

Cornwall charities

Lunch at Jamie Olivers 'Fifteen' restaurant in Cornwall
To cook, I had to understand eating. My inspiration came from George Perry-Smith's Riverside restaurant at Helford and books by Elizabeth David image for more.

february 2010

2010 New Year celebrations
Happy 2010 from Cornwall, plus update on 'Saving Penwith Moors' recent arguments raised are that Natural England may be infringing disability image for more


Christmas in Cornwall
It's the nadir of nature's year. The landscape's palette is more Rembrant than Rousseau, rendering the fields and moors with a faded wash of muted image for more.

Christmas in Cornwall

Natural England mismanaging our countryside
A programme for removing scrub from the Cornish moors, HEATH, yet another EU edict has resulted in indiscriminate wiring up our wild natural moors image for more.

tramples moors in Cornwall

Troubled waters in paradise
Cornish fishermen trying to deal with the bureaucratic idiosyncrasies of the Common Fisheries Policy which constantly seems to move the goal posts image for more.


Earth Magic? Ground source heat pumps
Tap into the earth's heat store to provide one of the most energy-efficient ways of warming homes and providing hot water with low environmental image for more.

Antenna Goonhilly Downs

How does your gardens grow in Cornwall?
Mine is doing surprisingly well! Do you remember the middle of February when we experienced what living in Cornwall was preferably not about? image for more.

How do your gardens grow in

Highways, byways and country ways
It's summer and the very early morning sun is reflecting mica-bright freckles of sunlight joyously flittering across the glittering image for more.


Supermarkets versus Farmers Markets
Are you really being served? At last, veggie boxes are being delivered across the country and farmers' markets are springing up in the middle of the image for more.

spring daffs

There's something mystical about the word 'rites'...
It suggests conceptual ritual rather than formal ceremony; an intuitive sensing of an older lore intrinsically fused to the the cycle and forces of natural image for more.

tamar river

The Tale of a shaggy dog'
Cornish gold; zinging gorse, pastel primroses, elegant daffodils. celandines and dandelions, all warming the post-winter landscape - and a wet spaniel image for more.

spring daffs

A Transgression of the Recession '
Not for the first time, we are hit by a long standing client going bust as the bank calls in their loan, the sickening part are the charges from the image for more.

accountancy charges

My husband's fishing 'expedition'
Which required going to the Post Office and buying a Fishing Licence, which needed almost as much information as going through the US image for more.

fishing rod

Welcome to 2009
1st January 2009. At a minute past midnight on New Year's Eve, Jools Holland has just done his hootenanny and the TV coverage switched to Big image for more.


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