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Here's to 2013!

Fireworks detonated from the beach at midnight. More exploded from the back of the village and the headland behind the pub.  We went outside to capture the moment as the old year slipped away as the cloud cleared and a fat, silver moon shone across the sea, throwing a scatter of glitter across the path of a distant cargo ship.

We concluded our celebrations on Twelfth Night with friends and had an enjoyable evening with one drummer drumming and three guitar players strumming, before putting the decorations away for another year.  The sparkling displays around the harbour were switched off, which once again had been the annual distraction disguising the darkness at the heart of village, where empty cottages have become the part-time playground for those who can afford it, who buy up family homes as an investment.

This leads me to a rant about the irksome, 'Carol Quentin's Cornwall', running its second series on TV. Do we really need the presenter bouncing around like an over-inflated beach ball, who loves Cornwall so much that she lives in Devon, pointing out the blatantly obvious? Yes, Cornwall's beautiful, we know that!  What is really happening while these programmes promote an idyllic haven -  not that I want to  burst her beachball,  is that they deny the truth behind the gloss and whimsy.  Since 2001 wages in Cornwall have increased by 34% to an average of £16,670, while property prices have increased by a staggering 114%, with the average home at £220K - that's 13 times the average salary.

Last year's memories? The worst and best day amalgamated; on Flora Day, my spaniel, Woody, was bitten by an adder and the long wait without knowing if he was going to survive was so traumatic until the vet called the next day to say he'd pulled out his drip and wanted to come home. The most unforgettable was the Jubilee weekend in London with my son, who had booked a boat trip up the Thames to Hampton Court from Richmond Bridge, where the 'Gloriana' was moored, as the flotilla of little boats manoeuvred into position before the main event. It was one of those 'once in a lifetime'  occasions for the history books.  And, of course, being awarded the Cornish Gorsedd Sheid for Services to Cornwall and the Cornish People was very special.

Looking ahead, John is retracing his steps back to the future and refining his calligraphy skills and after the the success of John and Kris's gig at the Olive Grove Bistro, we are planning more of these sessions. This gem of a bistro, tucked away behind Cornish Garden Nurseries at Perranarworthal, is the perfect place for a great night of music and food.

As for me, since I've been writing this website, I've had many replies asking about Living in Cornwall and during this time, social networking via Twitter and Facebook has made a huge impact on internet interaction and I am changing the format of my site, initially to see how it goes, and adding a 'Comments' Box at the bottom of this page.

 I wish everyone health and peace. As I write, what I really, really wish for is a few days of sunshine - I can't recall a year when we've had constant drizzly damp, dank dreariness - day after day of 'fifty shades of grey' stretching from the shore to the horizon. There are signs of change as snowdrops and daffodils struggling through the mud and violets sprinkle the river bank.

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