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Hello, I've recently moved from Suffolk to Downderry, Torpoint. I was reading your blog about your visit to your sister who lives in Suffolk. I know what you mean about the 'neatness' of suffolk's gardens, and hedgrows. I grew up in Norfolk and it was always a little bit more 'wild' than suffolk. What I love also is the laid back attitude of the Cornish, and the 'celtic' approach. I spent a wonderful evening yesterday at a 'party', that was reminiscent of a music jam session down the country in running around, enjoying themselves, not demanding but laughing, everyone drinking but not being loud or getting drunk and people getting up and singing and playing the instruments.
Best Wishes, Evie

How fabulous! well done you. I'll mention it on the show (Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Radio 2) if it comes up in conversation and we'll be happy to plug it on my blog/site which gets half a million hits a month.
All the best, Janey Lee Grace

Hello, I posted to your website over a year ago now, having wanted to move to Cornwall and been frustrated at every turn. You were kind enough to publish it on "What you say" and I have just re-read it. It all seems a long time ago and you'll be happy to know that I'm typing this from our new home in Cornwall! Our old place sold very fast, luckily and we had to find somewhere quickly, but we did, a new house that looks old, in the Camborne area. We're not far from the sea....we can see it from the bedroom! We are in the countryside but not far from any town. It's WONDERFUL! And I'd say to all you who yearn to come down for the lifestyle (and that includes week-long mizzles - that's mist and drizzle!) then don't give up. It happened to us.
Proper job! Sue Woollatt

Gloria replies: Fantastic Sue, I'm glad you took the chance to make your dreams come true!

My family & I are thinking of moving to Cornwall. I have 'ached' for Cornwall for years & almost feel homesick when we leave to travel back to Gloucestershire. We all only have one life & I cannot see the point in spending it somewhere that doesn't feed your soul! How on earth does one go about it, where do you start... Many thanks, your lovely website filled a couple of hours of my day & added to my daydreams!

This was wonderful! Any chance of getting hold of a copy of these recordings? I'm sure there would be a market for a CD. Thank you for sharing this. By the way I found this on Facebook, posted by a friend.
Regards - Sally Burley, St.Day.

Hi, If ever you get this on disc I would love a copy. I did a concert with Brenda when I was a child and played with Carharrack Brass band, The land I love, loved it. Brought back some brilliant memories. Hope we see it on disc eventually.
Thanks Tania Gilbert Davis

Brenda Wootton's rediscovered recordings - please keep me informed, I'm definitely interested in any downloads or CDs that may become available! Takes me right back to my youth at the Count House & Pipers
Sue Oldreive

Hi there, Great to see the info on Brenda Woottons Paris recordings (via Network Cornwall). I have sent on to my sister in New Zealand who was a big fan of Brenda's in the sixties. Are the recordings going to be available to buy?
best wishes Mary Lunnen

I would be very interested in the CD when available. What a joy and pleasure to hear Brenda Wootton again. I was a fan at the Pipers in St Buryan in about 1967 and then in PZ near St Johns Hall.
Jonathan Kersley

Hi there, lovely site thank you!!!! my husband and I, our 19 month old baby girl, two horses , 2 chickens and a dog are planning to move to Cornwall later this year, we have been dreaming of doing it for a long time as we, like you, fell in love with the area.... Although very excited we are still anxious as we want this to be our 'forever move' and do not want to get it wrong... We want to live where there is a year round community, and potential to make good friends, good schools, nice places to eat out and visit and within a reasonable distance of surf beaches as my husband is a keen surfer. We have been looking around Helston and around St Ives but wondered if you could give us any tips?
Claire Hawkins
Gloria replies - I can only speak about our part of Cornwall and personally wouldn't consider living in those coastal villages that are spookily quiet in winter as the properties are mostly second homes. However, many villages and small towns have wonderful communities, good schools and shops with everything you could want to bring up your family. I can't advise you, just enjoy doing your research!

What a wonderful website! My husband and I adore Cornwall. We are staying in Hannafore in May this year to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Indeed, we have enjoyed at least 2 Cornish holidays every year throughout our married life. My mum and dad used to take my sisters and I camping in Cornwall when we were younger. I can only remember the cold driving rain - we never seemed to be there during good weather - but I immediately fell in love with the beautiful countryside, friendly people and amazing food (pasties and ice cream!). I remember my sister and I taking ourselves on a late evening walk without telling our parents. This was in St Agnes. We found our way down to the cliff path where a gale was blowing. We laughed as we stood on the edge and leaned into the wind whilst watching the waves crashing below us. When we got back to our campsite, mum and dad were furious with us for going out on our own in such terrible weather. We just couldn't understand them. What could hurt us in Cornwall? When I am in Cornwall these days, I will often leave our B&B in the early hours and go for lonely walks in the fields or along the beach. I will stop and talk to dog walkers or other aimless ramblers. I would never dream of approaching anyone like this at home in Bedfordshire. Cornwall certainly does instill one with complete trust and one simply cannot fail but to relax.
Julie Burton, Bedfordshire

Hello Gloria, I have read your website with avid interest. The reason being, my wife and I and our young daughter are moving to Cornwall from the home counties this year. In fact we have just sold our house and are seeking our dream home in Cornwall... We are adamant we are doing the right thing... Your website has steeled our resolve somewhat as it's so nice reading and hearing of people who have gone before us and been happy - that is the key for us to be happy! Great stuff.
James Harrison

My partner and I are thinking of moving to Cornwall when we've finished our training... we are planning a camping road trip in the summer to explore more and help us move towards our dream life in the country by the sea. I love your website and can't wait to one day be living on the coast of beautiful Cornwall... Many thanks and all good wishes for 2010
Emily , Kingston on Thames

We love the website. Wicked awesome (as we New Englanders say!). It made me think of the holidays spent in Cornwall in my youth, and how much I miss the area. I feel a home visit is overdue. I may need some further recommendations from you. Best wishes for the New Year.
Christine & Bud Carey, Boston, MA

An amazing 2010 to you. I love your website - it's very beautiful, clean and fresh and inspiring.

I love your website and I think you have a real gift for writing - very enjoyable reading! I was reading your article about the fishermen's jetty. So the rich guys with high London salaries don't like the scenery being spoiled by industry? If they really wanted to be part of the community I'm sure they could use their influence, contacts and access to funds to come up with a jetty that respects the natural beauty of the area. How much fun can it be to have a holiday home in a place where the locals probably loathe you?

I found your website through membership to GOY (Grows On You). I really love gardening and Cornwall and always enjoy our holidays there. We used to live in South Wales but now live near Leicester due to work commitments. Your interest in gardening, poetry, photographs, and life shows us all that you have a zest for living, a very full life and are very grateful for what you have going for you - keep it up! (and keep your amazing website going!

Thanks for this lovely insight into living in Cornwall. My family and I have been having our holidays in Cornwall for the past 10 years and now we are investigating the possibility of buying a small business (art gallery) and bring up our young family in a place that has been "pulling us" for years. ... I feel that we have a big mountain to climb before we can start living the dream.
Lisa Pidgeon

Glori-ous! Keep going as reading your anecdotes make for a perfect slice of "me" time taken with a good measure of latte. You're a natural story teller and should be published.
Gill & Ron Rowlands

Thank you for such a great read. We've been trying to move to Cornwall for years; our attempts scotched by the house price differences between our area (Lincoln), house sales falling through at the last minute and the need to not remove son from a good school just before vital exams. Now, we are in the best position possible, our house renovated to within an inch of it's life, our son happily ensconced in a home of his own with his true love. We will be on the market within weeks. At last we can look again at a move to our spiritual home, where art, rugby and surfing are woven into the fabric of life. We won't be able to afford anything much, but whatever we get we will make our own, and it will be yn Kernow! (Yes we are learning Cornish!) Thanks again for a breath of Cornish air.
Sue Woollatt

We've been coming to Cornwall as many times as we can over the past 15 years, and now we bring our children to our favourite places. We don't bother holidaying abroad - why would we with such beautiful places on our doorstep. We long to move there, but have the usual worries about schooling, earning a living, future jobs for the children etc. Maybe one day we will have the courage to take the leap, your website has certainly given us hope..
Lisa Butler

It was interesting to read your article about the fisherman at Helford and the second homes. I used to work for Cornish company working on boilers and during the course of my work travelled about Cornwall. It seemed to me that most coastal villages along the coast between St Austell and around Falmouth were second homes...I am a Cornishman whose children would never be able to afford a house in Cornwall so in 2007 came to New Zealand. Here on the South Island, on the west coast they have "crib huts " and "crib" time so I wouldn't be the first Cornishman here. Again, it was good to read your site and I wish you every joy in the future.
Paul Reynolds, New Zealand .

Fantastic site, I can relate to all that you have written about, I also love the comments from visitors.
It just goes to prove that good writing and a travelers tale will always get to people. your writing reminds me very much of a female Bill Bryson, frank, intelligent and most of all humorous, not hard though here in Cornwall, where I am almost daily brought to my knees by some amusing event or character. It is a real gem of a place to live with vibrant people, communities and rich landscapes...
Keep up the good work. Sarah Butter.

You are so very lucky. I spent every summer as a child in Mawnan Smith, and all I want is to move my own family to the area now. We spent a week last summer near Halvasso and trekked around. It felt like home.
Cathy Walker.

I liked it very much. You have the soul of a poet, and it is easy to see you love Cornwall. I am not Cornish, but Walter is and we visited Cornwall twice.... Your pictures were very good.... I intend to look at your web site soon again. Good luck in your endeavor, which seems more of a "labor of love" than an occupation! Thank you for sharing with others.
Phyllis and Walter Herd. Pen Argyl, USA.

I have sat here reading through and looking at the pictures and I fel just what you are writing about - I have spent many a holiday down in cornwall and also I have first knowledge of one of the (second home dwellers) in Helford and have had quite a heated argument and as for the one from Mayfair - I listened on the radio....... One of these days I have friends who have a mobil home at Trevose and I am coming down sometime this year so I will get my fill once more. I think your ramblings etc are just lovely and I am sure will be appreciated.
Libby Parker

What a lovely surprise! I have just finished reading all your news and tales on your great website and enjoyed learning more of your life in Cornwall. Photography is great and I look forward now to following your web diary. The website is a million times better than blogs, twitters and facebook entries. Needless to say I am very impressed with what you have achieved on your website - Well done and keep up the good work as I am sure many people will be very interested in your articles.
Barbara Pooley

As a frequent visitor to Cornwall - yearly from the late 60's - it only confirms my love of the place. Interestingly, my parents had a Springer Spaniel (Pete) who, despite his breed, absolutely loathed the water! I will visit your website again - definitely!

Hi I just saw your site, i've always wanted to live in Cornwall but were never certain that I could make a go of it, especially as I have a family. It's great to see that you seem to have made a success of it.
Geraldine - Birmingham.

Hi, Gloria,
I've been coming to Cornwall for years; you've made me want to finally take the plunge!

Dear Gloria,
We've been trying to guess where you live; is it Polperro or Mousehole?
M&D - Camberley

I'm beginning to feel as if I know your family; especially your dog, he is cute

Our family always came to Cornwall since we were children for our holidays. We continued to do so when we grew up and would love to move down there one day, at present all we can do is hope to make it happen.
Regards - Jane

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