sunrise to a new year


Hopes for a Peaceful Year

The last seconds of 2014 ticked away and we raised a glass to the finale of what hadn't been a particularly good year. Not awful; just pitted with episodes of sadness and regret at dithering over decisions that have to be resolved. Midnight approached with Queen rocking into the New Year with a spectacular firework display emblazoning the London Eye and the City to the chimes of Big Ben.

In the village, sometime after midnight, fireworks detonated from the beach, exploding from the harbour and the headland behind the pub. We went into the garden to capture the defining moment as the old year slips into the new with an invisible demarcation of an end and a beginning. Why was the firework display late? Who knows? Damp matches? A pint of Doombar to finish? That innate, Cornish state of mind, known as 'd'reckly'? It didn't matter; once it began the fireworks exploded with shocking pink and turquoise brilliance igniting the sky, dazzlingly, against the darkness of the sea and flashes of light etched the outline of cottages around the curve of the bay.

Twelfth night brought a sense of relief of returning to 'normality', after munching through the tunnel of the artery-clogging food mountain. The next step back to 'normal' was to check my computer's 'in-box', which displayed all the usual rubbish posts tumbling into the screen tempting me to buy stuff I didn't want, most of which were consigning to 'trash'. I was about to highlight, hit delete, when one caught my attention, the subject read, 'Sunday Times enquiry'. The post was from the Deputy Editor of the Home Supplement, asking if I knew of anyone who had recently relocated to Cornwall. The paper run a regular feature under the heading, 'Why we moved to.........", with Cornwall filling in the dots this coming week. Her enquiry came to me as she had Googled the phrase, Living in Cornwall, and found my website. Aren't I always telling folk the importance of choosing a sensible URL? The more obvious the better!

I gave her the name of a delightful couple who are Cornish born and bred; they moved away and after many years of trying to find a way to come 'home', relocated last year and have an interesting story to tell. This made me think about why we moved to Cornwall. John and I moved down separately and met though a mutual friend. We both had our reasons, most of which have become hazy and woven into the fabric of our life, however, being the start of a new year, I hope I can be excused for being reflective and wonder what track life would have taken had we not have made a decision, which at that time, was a brave move. We certainly wouldn't have been liberated from the expectations of living out one's days in suburban London.

Moving to Cornwall has allowed us to live our lives doing it our way; these days, we continue to enjoy what we do best but without the pressure of running a full time business; utilising the skills on which our business was founded. John works on calligraphy commissions which are challenging by their diversity; in one week he undertook a Trinity House commemorative bookplate signed by Princess Anne and a tattoo design in Latin; although wedding invitations and family trees are the norm I write creative copy for individual clients lost for the right words; sparkly or serious but always articulate and concise in well-crafted language, here is the copywriting link. Because of the advances in communication we work for clients anywhere in the UK or abroad.

None of us know what is lurking in these uncertain times, so above all else I wish all my 'readers', peace and good health.

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