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Quite Close to Eden
One of the unbounded joys of Living In Cornwall is the spectacle of summer gardens swaggering with chaotic jubilation showing off plants and flowers that more often flourish in Mediterranean and sub-tropics. Our village opens its gardens to the public in early August.

Around and about there are a number of lovely, diversely planned and planted gardens, all within walking distance of each other; local green-fingered folk are invited...without too much arm-twisting, show off their gardens; it is a real commitment for the gardens to be perfect all at the same time, but if the response was anything to go by, the experience for both the gardeners and visitors was a joy shared.

The village faces towards the sea in a south-easterly direction and is sheltered from harsh winds, hence, creating a micro-climate in which tender plants can thrive and flourish. The participating gardens, all of which are different but with equally beguiling features, lend themselves towards the almost exotic due to the gentle environment. Some gardens have been planted from new, while others have been rescued from neglected wildernesses. One charming garden hides away, concealed from the coastal path, nestling in a valley vibrant with butterflies and wild flowers, here a brook babbles and feeds a wonderful vegetable garden along with indigenous Cornish plants. This particular garden is a short walk across a couple of meadows to the open air exhibition of Terence Coventry's magnificent sculpture work, entry to this is free and open to the public and can be included in the garden tour.

Another garden leads down steeply terraced paths to the cliff side, with sheltered areas and running water, creating an ambience of meditative calm, while another is a brilliant riot of colour and perfume, and different yet again, is an Edwardian house with a stunning beachfront garden and lawns which has been restored to the relaxed elegance of its time, contrasting with a woodland refuge rich with wild life where recent planting has included a fern pit and revealed some of the garden's original specimen plants from when it was first laid out in the 1920's.

The Open Gardens Day is hosted by the Horticultural Society who will be welcoming visitors again on 2nd August 2009 to a delightful day of pottering around in other peoples' gardens where the owners will be on hand to answer questions. Last time it rained and rained but being stoically British, it didn't matter, as wet feet with macs, shorts and sandals was the fashion statement of the day, added to a humorous sense of togetherness.

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