Living in Cornwall in the snow



Once in twenty years...minus 12c.

We, and our gardens, thrive on Gulf Stream warmth and we grow with nonchalant arrogance, plants that flourish in Madeira, Spain and Portugal; exotic sub-tropical species like orleander, echium, aeoniums, aloes, hibiscus and protea... just bung 'em in, wish them well and off they shoot without a second thought of the English climate. We were well and truly caught out, overnight I was left with black, slimy, frost-scorched, mucously-droopy plants.

snowy garden icy pond

Sometime around the middle of the month we experienced what Living in Cornwall is certainly not about! Along with the rest of the UK, it was once- in- twenty -years cold. I'm always going on about what I can grow in my garden with a certain smugness to friends and family who live up- country.

I'm leaving everything for now until the frost threat has past and then see if I can salvage anything with damage limitation pruning and hope that my favourite nurseryman, Trevor Triggs has kept his stock cosy and warm so that I can replace plants in the spring.

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